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About Us

Julia Henley    &    Ken Harwood


Julia Henley

I believe in the H2integration format, and find it a simple and uncluttered way to reach lots of people quickly and effectively.  I believe in the aggregation of news from a variety of sources to provide a wide range of viewpoints, and I think the easy access of arriving in one’s inbox each week helps us all become better informed and better equipped to fight back from the apathy that so often looms in the background these days in the face of so much information.  
The H2integration newsletter system allows broad based, in depth, and detailed information to be shared to wide range of readers in our individual markets.  This format, unlike company newsletters, social media, or websites, provides information conveniently, regularly, and easily to subscribers.  We are independent in thought, and don’t have an agenda politically, but we do have opinions that occasionally we will share.

From the editorial viewpoint, I think our mission is to connect the idea of what real sustainable growth means—economic development in all its forms, wise land stewardship, new markets, new technologies, and a great quality of life.

I also think we then have a platform to not just share information, but also to gently point out that at times, perhaps there is a better way to consider a topic—while striving to be fair, balanced, reasonable, and realistic from the standpoint of people that have the experience in private development, public investment, media, and community development.

I believe there is “good stuff” happening in our world, and we want to highlight developing standards, resources, networks, sources, entertainment, and opportunities—so our readers can become better citizens, manufacturers, politicians, voters, stewards, and investors.

I want to hear from you, and keep the conversation going !

Best to you—

Julia Henley
Founder / Marketing / Senior Partner
31336 Woodshire Lane
Blue River WI 53518
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Ken Harwood

A sponsor asked me why I created these platforms for communication and connection. Since the publications are structured to just break even, I realized it was a pretty good question. I am not sure exactly what I told her, but I thought I would try to tell the rest of my readers the whole story.

I believe Wisconsin is a GREAT place for business! I love the success stories and the people behind them, from today's EPIC to yesterday's Harley Davidson and all the Kohl's, Lands End's, Culver's, Shopko's, Miller's, New Glarus's, KC's, Lactalis's and Montchevre's that came in between. I know that Wisconsin offers a small start-up or a large corporation , we have excellent resources, from education to infrastructure, from location to employees, we can advance your ideas, dreams, and products successfully into both the local and global marketplace.

We have grown our own successes time and time again - and other states have looked to us in the past for leadership and ideas on how to make this happen in their state. Today we have clouded that vision with partisan politics, unnecessary delays and an often more difficult than necessary process for business to grow. We have lost the vision that I see for Wisconsin and "Recalls" and/or "Iron Handed Public Policy" that gain national attention do not articulate the potential for business success to anyone. Thus we aggregate the articles about development and comment to stimulate the discussion. Our notes and comments are not about politics or politicians, we write about leadership or the lack of it. Our comments are not about failure or a failing economy, We write about opportunity. Our comments are not about what might have been, We write about what we can do in the future.

We do not focus, or offer an opinion on, politics but we do believe politicians can learn from business models, and what makes companies successful. We also believe that government and regulation can create a level playing field. We hope that businesses can learn from a public that sees value in helping the less fortunate, protecting its resources, and empowering employees. Needless to say neither party is beating a path to our door, but we am proud to say that each week our newsletters are read by leaders in both camps, not to mention by environmentalists and business leaders.

We advocate regularly for sound planning, emerging technologies, new opportunities, a social awareness, and energy conservation - all from a sound business perspective. If we can stimulate the discussion, at the water cooler, your Rotary Meeting, or your Statewide Convention we will.

Wisconsin Development News is my small way of letting the world know that, despite it's faults, Wisconsin is a great place to do business. I believe in the people of this state and celebrate their diversity and conviction. I question the focus at times, but hey that's just me.
As always thanks for reading.



H2Integration / MadisonNotes
Kenneth A Harwood
356 Garfield Ave.
Evansville, WI 53536
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