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At H2integration, we have a variety of ways for you to connect with our readership, meet  your business goals, and support the overall efforts at sound economic development, growth, and positive advocacy - We place you in front of your customer with a direct link to your website.

Sponsors allow us to bring news and content that results in stronger communities, increased economic development, and a proactively greener world. We are constantly increasing our subscriber lists, and want to work closely with our sponsors to ensure we reach your current customers as well as provide an economical way to find new customers. Sponsors are our lifeblood, and frankly, we want to highlight the best in each industry that chooses to work with us. If that’s you, we can help you connect in ways you don’t already. Good for us, good for you!

We limit the quantity of our sponsors so our newsletter is easy to read, and your information is prominent.

To learn more call Julia at 608-792-9994 or email her at Julia@H2Integration.com.

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Emmons Business Interiors

At Emmons Business Interiors, we strongly believe in the preservation of our environment. After all it is our future.

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Our sponsors!

    Click on the logo to visit their website! Call us 608.616.0224 to add yours!

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Julia Henley
Founder / Marketing / Senior Partner

Blue River WI 53518
Email Contact

NOTES: Julia is the Marketing Arm of H2Integration. She has years of economic development experience as well as design and marketing expertise.

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Village of Gays Mill - crawfordcounty - - News / Media / Publishing

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Ken Harwood
Editor / Senior Partner
P.O. Box 930234
Verona, WI 53593-0234
Phone: (608) 334-2174
Email Contact


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