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Madison Notes


 All things Madison — culture, policy, events, food, sports, brews, tourism, retail, lodging and economic development opportunities. Come back to visit, play, live or work. We'll let you know what's happening and provide thousands of links to help you find what you are looking for.

This powerful newsletter also provides links and sponsor listings to the businesses and events in Madison that make visiting, living, retiring, investing, and working in the Madison area so satisfying. We offer a quick resource for all the area Businesses, Links and Professionals to help the reader find what they need in a multitude of categories. From a great restaurant, to help starting a new business, we've got Madison covered.

Distribution: Weekly Wednesday - 2,500 plus and growing. Expect 10,000 by the end of the year.
Original Release Date: 2014


Driftless Notes


 The Drifltess Region is comprised of portions of portions of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota--46 counties by most maps. The region is ripe for attention--and ripe for better understanding of local, state, and federal policy and decision making. Throw in the mix active organizations, existing and emerging businesses, and it is clear that staying on top of the big picture, connecting the trends, and understanding the many opportunities and challenges that face the region is vital.

We cover all things Driftless in the region from all four states: culture, policy, events, environment, agricultural issues, organics, outdoor sports, food, brews, events, places to visit, and resources to quickly connect the reader to your community. This publication provides a forum for increased cooperation, investment, and regional opportunities. We help drive economic development, resource management, and increased cooperation and awareness.

Distribution: Weekly Friday - 2,500 plus and growing
Original Release Date: 2014 


Wisconsin Apprentice


Wisconsin Apprentice is a news aggregation and online resource for educators, businesses, school board members, students and legislators. Sent weekly WA will offer a brief look at what Wisconsin and other states and countries are doing in the areas of Apprenticeship, School to Work Transition, Secondary and Post Secondary Education and Continuing Education.

Keep on top of what is happening in the field of apprenticeship locally, and worldwide. What is working, what Wisconsin is doing, and how we can embrace these training opportunities for a stronger workforce, higher employment, and more manufacturer and business participation.

Distribution: Weekly Tuesday - 1,000 plus and growing.
Original Release Date: 2013


WDN Green


Understanding what makes economic development and environmental thoughtfulness work for Wisconsin. We look at what’s happening in other states, regions, and initiatives that also might provide inspiration. See what is going on statewide and globally in the area of green development and innovation and get inspired to develop this cutting edge industry in the categories of transportation, construction, water quality, innovation and incubator centers, manufacturing, and new technologies.

Distribution: 5,000 plus and growing
Original Release Date: 2012


Wisconsin Development News


The newsletter that leads the way in Wisconsin by providing context in the news for economic development and business growth that is happening now. See what is going on statewide in a quick and concise manner, understand what trends you might want to be following, project types and opportunities for investment, and what projects your competitors are embarking upon. Trends, local and state projects, how local decision makers are responding and economic development are the focus.

Distribution: 10,000 plus
Original Release Date: 2007 

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