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Each of our publications contains much more than a brief summary of news content. Our Networks provide quick links to the online information and professionals that support the region or topic. for example our Economic Development Toolbox is considered to be one of the most comprehensive lists in the state. Our data can be tagged or grouped to provide a quick link to a specific set of data like all the Chamber Execs in the Madison area.

The best part of our networks is that they are all inclusive. Any professional or business may add a business card and any community, non profit, or organization may request a link. These are FREE. We do provide an option to upgrade you card or link with a logo, a premier locations in a list for a small fee. Please contact Julia or see the Sponsor Section of this website.

All of our news stories also contain social links so that they may be shared via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Emailed to friends an associates.


Links To Selected Lists and Professionals