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Editorial Notes—all H2 Publications

We link to Editorial and Opinion articles each week, this does not suggest we agree with the stance of the author. The "Ken Notes" items are the opinion of our editor, who has an extensive background in media, politics, and economic development. We will try to include any comments or feedback sent to any of our publications. Ken also writes for other state publications.  The “Julia Notes” items are the opinion of Julia, who has an extensive background in construction, design, economic development, community action, and disaster recovery.

The focus for all H2 publications is to create a positive view of economic development and the targeted work that each publication highlights. We aren’t “Pollyanna” at all, but we are firm believers in the power of positivity and thoughtful action. The publication will also feature news from around the state, nation, and world that offers insight to policy, trends, and projects that may be of interest to the reader. 

Please forward any information you would like included for consideration. We do our best to include any news stories, press releases, or articles from other sources that you feel would be of interest to the reader. We can also host your news stories and press releases online. Please feel free to subscribe your friends and clients to any or all of our publications. Send all content submissions to:


We continue to develop these newsletters because of the positive feedback we have received in the past and strong encouragement to continue. As always let us know what you think.

Our Media Partners

We are an aggregator, NOT a content provider, thus our goal is to direct people to your websites. We hope to be inclusive and will try to focus on a few highlights each week with quick links to your content in it's original format for those who want more details.

We want to work with you --to further your own goals-- and to capture the attention of our weekly viewers who may not be in your readership area, and in doing so, push their interest through to existing outlets and venues for further exploration.

To Our Readers - The internet is making the news industry challenging for traditional media. Remember it is your local papers, radio, and other media outlets and their advertisers that place reporters in city hall and on the street. Without these professionals we do not have the news to aggregate. Information is what keeps us great - SUBSCRIBE to your local papers - SUPPORT their advertisers - THANK our sponsors.

Editorial Content, Comment and Calendar

We will be happy to include you story links, events, or even original content but we do need to maintain a strict editorial calendar. Or, in layman's terms, send in your information or comments two days before publication dates. We are fast, but we would hate to miss an opportunity to promote your event, story, or perspective.

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