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About H2Integration


We help you stay Connected, Inform readers, and Grow your network.

We Connect your market by aggregating news and data from local sources and around the world. The H2 newsletters, websites, and network of links and businesses, provides a format that makes keeping in touch and staying Informed easy. In a quick, concise, and relevant manner, subscribers can easily keep up with what is happening in their market or area if interest. Opportunities, trends, announcements, events, and even complex issues are highlighted, and an easy click away to further coverage of the topic by the original source. By creating a positive quick update we can Grow the marketplace.


H2integration’s mission is simple: Connect a market, Inform the members, and Grow support. We also help the general public, business professionals, decision makers, and investors become as educated as possible about what is going on and how it effects them and their business -- in the broadest, most in depth, and quickest way possible.

This is not just another newsletter, it is an aggregation of news from a multitude of sources to Inform our readers, plus the network of links and professionals that work within and advocate for the market, to keep everyone Connected. We inform the reader and provide access to the tools and professionals they need to Grow. We cover a wide variety of topics to create a better understanding of how those issues affect their lives, local government, communities, and regions. Original editorial content and comments can alert users to a particular issues, highlight previously unknown resources, or offer alternative points of view.

From the economic development point of view, we believe in the benefits of networking with other professionals, media, and our sponsors on a regular basis. Some spend thousands developing websites and promoting their issues and then remain quiet waiting for the market to respond. Our newsletters bring the issues to the table every week and keeps your content front and center. Pretty simple really. Connect. Inform. Grow.


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