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Driftless Notes



 The Drifltess Region is comprised of portions of portions of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota--46 counties by most maps. The region is ripe for attention--and ripe for better understanding of local, state, and federal policy and decision making. Throw in the mix active organizations, existing and emerging businesses, and it is clear that staying on top of the big picture, connecting the trends, and understanding the many opportunities and challenges that face the region is vital.

We cover all things Driftless in the region from all four states: culture, policy, events, environment, agricultural issues, organics, outdoor sports, food, brews, events, places to visit, and resources to quickly connect the reader to your community. This publication provides a forum for increased cooperation, investment, and regional opportunities. We help drive economic development, resource management, and increased cooperation and awareness.

Distribution: Weekly Friday - 2,500 plus and growing
Original Release Date: 2014 

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